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14.04.2012 EFAF

The CEI Interleague begins with the win of Győr Sharks!

The CEI Interleague is an EFAF recognized tournament, organized by and under the responisbility of the Hungarian Federation. It is following the 2009 and 2010 played EFAF Challenge Cup, with a at this time smaller focus on participating countries close to Serbia and Hungaria. More informations about the tournament follow as soon as available.

Flying Shark
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On Holy Saturday begins the fight for the golden medal of CEI Interleague. The first clash was between the Serbian Klek Knights and Hungarian Győr Sharks what ended with the win of Sharks.

The Saturday afternoon was all about American football in Serbian village Klek, where the host Klek Knights and Győr Sharks were playing the opening game of international league. It was a very important game for both teams: the Serbians wanted to revenge after last year loose against Győr Sharks. But they won’t succeed it.

The game started the Hungarian return, and after Ferenc Schwarz’s 3 excellent run the ball was right at Serbian 5 yard line. We didn’t have to wait long for first scores: after László Becs’s pass Norbert Zax was reaching touchdown, and the extra point realized Attila Köves with kicking. So after 2 minutes the standing was 0:7 for Sharks. The first Serbian offense drive ended with punt so the Sharks got the opportunity for getting another scores. This time they had harder task, but the Serbian defense could not resist Hungarian running. The next touchdown was reached by Dániel Hegedűs, but this time the extra point wasn’t success. After that the Knights offense had several good drives. They reached many first downs, but they didn’t get points. In second quarter the drives of Sharks offense ended without points, so first part of the game ended with 0:13 for Hungarian team.

The Knights started the third part of the game, but at 4th try/down they did a mistake, so the right to offense drive got the Sharks. Ferenc Schwarz again reached points: he ran 40 yards with the ball, and in 2nd down he reached his second touchdown. Thanks to kicking of Attila Kövecses the standing was 0:20 for Sharks. The Serbian team showed many tricks, sometimes with success. But after a good taken pass the Sharks offense started from a good field position. Norbert Zax reached the points with inside running, but they didn’t got the extra points. So the standing was 0:26 to Sharks.

The Klek Knights wasn’t left without points. After a good offense drive with short pass Igor Vukoje reached touchdown. After a tricky pass they also got 2 extra points. Moreover with onside kick they got the ball, so they had the chance to equalize. But the Hungarian pass interception prevented the attempt of Knights, and the ball was again at the Sharks. The last offense drive led Kornél Bachrathy, who had 2 passes to Zax, than the tight-end, Ferenc Rozmann got a screen pass and he reached the last touchdown on this match. The extra point was also reached by the kicking of Kövecses, so the Győr wins with 8:33 on the first game of CEI Interleague.

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