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L´Hospitalet Pioners
(c) L´Hospitalet Pioners


02.04.2013 L´Hospitalet Pioners

Pioners made a big step forward

In the first half, and because of the strong wind that caused uncertainty in the throws, the Catalans were not able to make the passing game to which we are accustomed. In the second, with less wind, they could move the ball with more comfort, getting back the 0-10 in the score board at the half time.

The winning L´Hospitalet Pioners
(c) L´Hospitalet Pioners
The winning L´Hospitalet Pioners
(c)L´Hospitalet Pioners

L'Hospitalet Pioners made a big step forward in the European competition by beating Alphen Eagles, Dutch champions, by a close 14-10.

In the first half both defenses controlled the game, with a lot of running game in the offenses. However, Pioners had a chance to score at the end of the first quarter with a field goal that was blocked by the Dutch defense. On the next play Tim Haver # 82 caught a long pass from Richard Bouthroom # 5 and run to the endzone, scoring the first touchdown; Ton van Duijin # 87 scored the extra point. The next two drives of Pioners were ruined due two interceptions, and in the drive in-between Eagles could score with a field goal, which was blocked by the Catalan defense. It didn’t happen on the next drive, right in the two minutes warning, when again they Duijin scored a field goal, leaving the score with a 0-10 for Eagles at the halftime.

The second half began with a radical change in the home team game. Without the wind, Pioners could finally make a more fluid attack where the receivers began being the protagonists. As the result of this the first touchdown for Pioners arrived by a five yards reception of Victor Martin # 86 in the end zone. The Catalan player added himself a point scoring the extra point. With the 7-10 was reached the last quarter, where the Catalan defense worked perfectly and stopped again and again Dutch offense rival on the way to the comeback. This was confirmed after thirty yards pass of John White # 12 to Hugo Solo # 3, who scored the second touchdown for Pioners the marker and made his team leading the game for the first time (13-10). Once again, Martin transformed the extra point leaving the 14-10 final score till the end of the game. Alphen Eagles did not give up and had two drives of possession to try to score, but your chances ended when Francis Barranquero # 21 intercepted a pass in his own end zone, at minute to the end of the match.

After this victory, coach Polanco’s team has much work done to try to realize the dream of qualifying for a European semifinal. The next stop will be in the French town of Thonon les Bains, where they will face the Black Panthers on April 27th.

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