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EFL Bowl: Dramatic End with a points festival

Badalona Dracs
(c) Badalona Dracs


30.04.2013 Badalona Dracs

Badalona says Goodbye to EFAF CUP

In Badalona there was disputed an even and exciting meeting marked by the adverse climatic conditions, along with the hardness and aggressiveness of both sets, the meeting couldn't being in a better way for the visitor after Anthony Couvin scored down the first touchdown of the game after a return of 90 yards during the initial kick off.

Badalona vs Schwäbisch Hall
(c) EFAF
Badalona vs Schwäbisch Hall

This was a disastorous beginning of the game for the Catalans who had to mend twelve points of deficit of the game played Nice, plus the six scored down by Dauphins on the first play. The GAP Badalona Dracs went out for all in the teams first offensive and after a big series of moves moving chains with ease, Rubén Beltrán would manage to equal the meeting with a touchdown. With 6-6 the French attack went out for the first time and the quarterback Joseph Scibilia saw as they were intercepting a pass for the Mexican Marcos Carmona, recovering the possession for the places in the watershed of the field.

The first minutes of the meeting were vibrant and the spectacular
moves were happening repeatedly. The young man César Brugnani would manage to move forward for the first time Dracs with a big career of 30 yards that was meaning 12-6, taking the exhilaration to the bleachers of the crowd of Montigalá. The French team reacted rapidly and after a long pass of 60 yards of Scibilia on Gilles Blua, these were located to 15 yards of the endzone, from where the American quarterback tuned in again to Willem Siliverio who caught the pass inside the end zone, placing again the equality in the scoreboard.

In the following possession of Dracs, a pass of Guy Lammar was intercepted by the French defense leaving an unbeatable situation
of field so that the running back Benjamin Huet was placing 12-18 after a run of 13 yards. The extrapoint of two points was scored Pierre Yves Ducher after pass of Scibilia to place the difference in eight points. With 12-20 it would go over at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter the defenses of both teams tightened, reducing
the offensive plays and movement of the ball on both teams. With many nerves in the field of game and a game opposite to that of the first minutes, it went over to the half part with 12-20 favorably to Dauphins.
After the rest it did not change the attitude of two teams and the party became very coarse and slightly showy.

The rain did act of presence again and both sets saw how their offensives were becoming inoperative.

The third quarter passed without anything that to stand out and with the same one 12-20 went over to the last partial one. Marcos Carmona blocked a punt kick of Daulphins and Bert Whigham managed to recover the ball on the yard 7 of the daulphins side, from where in the following play Rubén Beltrán obtained his second touchdown with a new personal move that meant 18-20.

The proper Catalan quarterback would equal next the game at twenty with the additional 2 point try. Those of Badalona, conscious of the difficulty to mend the qualifying one, kept on attacking and being risky, thinking about how to obtain another European victory but the one who finally took the victory was the rival, to to manage to score by means of a run play by Gilles Blua. The extra point transformed by Willem
Silverio would place the definitive one 20-27.
Group B
Badalona Dracs20----
Nice Dauphins27----

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