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04.06.2015 Kiel Baltic Hurricanes

Kiel Baltic Hurricanes win 58:0 against Alphen Eagles

Kiel, May 17, 2015 – In their first European game in 2015 the defending EFL Bowl champion won against the Alphen Eagles with 58:0 (14:0/22:0/13:0/9:0). 1.051 football fans braved the rain and saw a very lopsided game with a strong Hurricanes defense and multiple touchdowns. Running back Andreas Hofbauer scored three touchdowns, quarterback Blake Bolles rushed for two scores himself and on defense Aaron Boadu was omnipresent and recorded four sacks and five tackles for loss.

„Preparing for a team you don’t play in your home league, that you don’t have common opponents with is not always easy, but the guys executed our game plan well“, said Hurricanes head coach Stephen Parker after the game. „But with the turnovers they forced, the Eagles reminded us that you have to master your basics.“

Indeed, Alphens Romano Vogel could end the Hurricanes’ first drive with an interception, but Kiel answered soon enough after that with an 58-yard score by Andreas Hofbauer. Colin Harms kicked the PAT to make it 7:0. On their next drive, the Eagles went backwards more than forwards thanks to Aaron Boadu’s first two quarterback sacks. A fumble by the Hurricanes gave them the ball back quickly, but the offense around quarterback Richard Bouthoorn was not able to score on this day. On the other side, Hofbauer could score again before the first quarter ended, whereas the Eagles again had to punt after a sack by Heinz Riemer and a deflection by Tyler Davis.

The second quarter should settle the game as the Canes were able to put up 22 more points to make it to 36:0 at halftime. Blake Bolles ran fort he next touchdown and Aaron Boadu forced a safety with another quarterback sack. After another score by Bolles, the Hurricanes’ quarterback threw a 51-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Davis. Colin Harms kicked the PAT for the 36:0 lead.

Safety Thiadric Hansen started off the second half with an interception he carried back to the Eagles’ 15-yard line. Thanking his teammate for the good field position with the next score, Andreas Hofbauer ran for his third touchdown. After another punt by the Eagles, Alphen was able to record a quarterback sack and force a turnover on downs after Bolles’ pass was incomplete on a fourth down. But the Hurricanes defense had an overall strong day and provided the next score. Ryan Newell scooped up the fumble forced by Chris Eylmann and carried the ball into the endzone.

Thus, the Canes were up by 49:0 heading into the fourth quarter in which Colin Harms recorded the final nine points of the game. First, he caught a 31-yard pass by Bolles for a touchdown and after Jan Abrahamsen ended the following Eagles’ drive with an interception, he hit a 27-yard fieldgoal for the final 58:0 score.

With this win, Kiel now leads the group B of the European Football League 2015. On May 31st, the Baltic Hurricanes will travel to Marburg for their second game which will determine who will face the Allgaeu Comets in EFL Bowl II. Marburg lost their first game in Alphen with 13:17, therefore, they would have to beat the Hurricanes with more than 32 points to move tot he top of group B. With a Hurricanes victory, Kiel would definitely qualify for the EFL Bowl giving them the chance to defend their title.

Andreas Hofbauer (18), Colin Harms (14), Blake Bolles (12), Tyler Davis (6), Ryan Newell (6), Aaron Boadu (2)

Kiel Baltic Hurricanes – Alphen Eagles
1. Qtr
7:0 #27 Andreas Hofbauer, 58-Yard Lauf. PAT #81 Colin Harms
14:0 #27 Andreas Hofbauer, 1-Yard Lauf. PAT #81 Colin Harms
2. Qtr
21:0 #11 Blake Bolles, 22-Yard Lauf. PAT #81 Colin Harms
23:0 #4 Aaron Boadu, QB Sack (sein 4. heute schon!) in Endzone der Eagles
29:0 #11 Blake Bolles, 17-Yard lauf. PAT nicht gut
36:0 #3 Tyler Davis, 51-Yard Pass von #11 Blake Bolles. PAT #81 Colin Harms
3. Qtr
43:0 #27 Andreas Hofbauer, 2-Yard Lauf. PAT #81 Colin Harms
49:0 #1 Ryan Newell, 25-Yard Fumble Return nach Sack #32 Chris Eylmann. 2-PC nicht gut
4. Qtr
55:0 #81 Colin Harms, 31-Yard Pass von #11 Blake Bolles. PAT nicht gut
58:0 #81 Colin Harms, 27-Yard Fieldgoal

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