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Frankfurt Samsung Universe

Country: Germany


Homepage of the Frankfurt Samsung Universe

Chronicle Frankfurt Universe
Frankfurt Universe is one of the youngest traditional American Football
clubs in Germany. Since Universe became an established football club in
2008 the club had some turbulent times to go through but already had
some very successful times in its young history.
On 18th
of July 2007 a group of football fans in the Rhein-Main area came
together and the football club known today as Frankfurt Universe became
reality and today is still connected to already 16 years of Pro Football in
Frankfurt with the Galaxy playing in the World League and the NFLE.
Over these years the fan base grew to be the very best fan base in the
region and probably in Germany.
In 2007 the closure of the NFLE brought a lot of sad moments to the first
„Men in Purple“, the four times World Bowl champion and their fans.
The fan base of 13 persons established the club known as Frankfurt
Universe in a very short time with the philosophy of putting together a
team in Frankfurt. Top class football was the idea set forth for football,
friendships with other clubs, and with celebrating a “purple” team.
Within several weeks the club had at least 500 members and the “purple”
football tradition with full support of its members went forward with the
idea of seeing a Frankfurt team play in purple.
At this time, the club had fans, but no team and it took several months
before players began to show up for practice with Head Coach Markus
On 12th
of April 2008 the first scrimmage against the Augsburg Raptors
with the Universe winning the game by a score of 6:0 with the RB Ricardo
Ambulo scoring the TD took place on Blau-Gelb sports field. The team
unfortunately did not play in the purple and orange Jerseys due to nonarrival of uniforms but the GFL-team Stuttgart Scorpions gave red jerseys
to the team.
The first game in the fifth divison was a lost on 11th
of May 2008 by a
score of 7:31 against the later champion Gießen Golden Dragons with 350
fans showing up to see the first league game. It was the biggest lost until
2011 that the Universe team had. The 2011 season ended with a 5:1 record
good for a second place in the standings. In the play-offs against the
Kassel Titans Frankfurt Universe got the win and division advancement to
Division 4.
The Divison 4 season ended with a 5:0 record and 165:54 points. It was
the first “perfect season” in the club’s history and ended in an automatic
advancement to Division 3.
Season 2010 ended with a 5:5 record and Universe continued to build up
the organization and a youth basis for the team: The season 2011 ended in
the so called “Show down in K-Town (Kaiserslautern)” against the Pikes.
Both teams had a 9:0 record before this final game of the season. The
game against the Pikes was the highest lost in the history of the club, 0:27,
because Universe had to play without QB Ian Mitchell who was injured.
After the ninth victory of the season the advancement to the next division,
the GFL2 had already been recorded and Universe now played in
Germany’s minor league.
The next seasons had ups and downs but mostly ups, for the club became
second best team two times and became undefeated champion in 2015
qualifying for Division 1, the German Football League GFL.
In 2012 with a league standing of 9:4 and a tie game ended the season with
second place. The goal for 2013 was to be competitive enough to play for
the number one position in the GFL2. The amazing fan base of Universe
showed already 2000 and more attendants per game, but this began a
period where finding a home to play home games permanently became a
issue. The problem resulted in moving to the nearby city of Russelsheim.
In the beginning of the sixth season the then Head Coach John Rosenberg
with a negative 1:2 record resigned from the team and Patrick Griesheimer
and Daniel Garcia took over leading the team to eight wins in ten games.
During the 2013 season three games were played in the biggest stadium of
Frankfurt, the Waldstadion, where Frankfurt Galaxy played. Two games
with town rival Frankfurt Pirates and an additional game against district
rival Wiesbaden Phantoms. The exciting part of these rival games has been
the large turnout of football fans, over 11 500 fans showed up for these
games. With the influence of the games being played in a bigger stadium
in front of more fans, the „Men in Purple“ won all three against their
The seventh season had a lot of struggling and the season ended with a 8:6
record and third place for Universe. But players and coaches wanted
The 2015 season began and the team became a private limited liability
company. The team played in the middle sized Frankfurter Volksbank
Stadion provided the notorious Power Party before the home events and
put football on a larger stage again. 6800 fans attended the first home
game against the Nuremberg Rams.
The team of Head Coach Markus Grahn who took over in 2015 and QB
Emmanuel Lewis produced a very exciting season with a lot of attention of
the media on Universe. The team broke a lot of seasonal records in the
GFL2 and won the the big shoot-out game against the Ingolstadt Dukes on
of August 2015 that would most likely decide who the champion of
the GFL2 season would be. Some weeks later Universe became undefeated
champion with a perfect 14:0 record.
The play-off games against the last place team in of the GFL, the Franken
Knights, to qualify for the GFL never took place due to dis-qualification of
the Franken Knights due to the club being unable to field a team for the
qualifying round against the „Men in Purple“. The dream of the Universe
family had come true: Universe in the highest German league.
Instead of a play-off game Universe played a test game against British
series champion London Warriors. The 34:31 win of Universe was not that
important but the new born friendship with the London Warriors club
could be a beginning of a long friendship which will extend over the canal
in the future. 5600 exciting fans enjoy the thrilling game.
Now the GFL season and the EFL (European Football League) season start
for the „Men in Purple“. The road to success in the GFL could lead
through the returning of nearly all core players of 2015 including the
import players from Europe and America. Additional talent players coming
out of the Universe youth team and other youth teams and as well
additional players from other GFL teams which were recruited by the
coaching staff.
The first season in the GFL will be a testing ground for the “Men in
Purple” and also for the Universe club staff.


Frankfurt Universe
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