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Team Information

Graz Giants Football

JCL Graz Giants

Country: Austria

Founded: 1981

Homepage of the JCL Graz Giants

Graz Giants
Country: Austria
Founded: 1981
Austrian Bowl Champions: 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2008
EFL: Semifinalist 2008. 2009, 2010, Quarterfinalist1996, 1998
Federation Cup: Finalist 1998
EFAF-CUP: Champions 2002, 2006, 2007

Team History

When young law student Stefan Herdey first made contact with American Football in 1978 he had no idea of what was ahead of him.

It was late at night when Herdey met two well-built Americans who asked him for the way to a local nightclub. Out of couriosity he joined the strange duo and found out that they were members of a semi-pro team that toured through Europe, playing exibithion games. Herdey of course attended the game in Graz, so did a huge crowd. But due to the lack of football-knowledge and a bad game most spectators left early. Soon after the game in Graz the tour was cancelled due to financial problems.

Herdey soon forgot about the huge men, playing with that funny ball. But in March 1981, when the first Austrian football team was featured on television, Herdey wanted to form a team. He launched an ad in a local newspaper what lead to a ironic article in the sports section. Despite the reporter making fun of Herdey and his plan, a dozen potential players showed up at the first meeting and the \"1. Grazer Football Team\", soon renamed Graz Giants, was founded.

Since then, more than 30 years later, the Giants have gone a long way. The Giants now are the oldest existing and most successful club in Austria. The club has won a total of ten National Championships and three European titles, missing the Austrian playoffs only once.

The organisation, which has about 400 members, runs two football teams for adults, a youth program, a cheerleading program, and a gym. Besides the first team the JCL GIANTS GRAZ run the Giants II, a development squad made up of rookies and former players of the under 19 team. The Giants II play in the Austrian Football Division II (3rd League).

The Giants youth program currently has three teams playing tackle football: “Schueler” (under 14 years), “Jugend” (under 16 years) and “Junioren” (under 19 years); the “Minis” (under 12 years) are about to be organized.

Most recently, the Giants have won the 2006 and the 2007 EFAF Cup; in 2008 the Giants won their last Austrian National Championship beating the Swarco Raiders Tirol 31:21 in the Austrian Bowl. Beginning in 2008 the Giants always played in the EuroBowl, reaching the Semifinals every year from 2008 to 2011 before losing to the later champions Calanda Broncos 14:19 in last year´s quarterfinals.

ASKÖ-Stadion Graz-Eggenberg, Schloss Str.20, 8020 Graz

General Manager Christoph Schreiner
Schloß-Straße 20
A - 8020 Graz

Phone: ++43 676 6501260
Fax: ++43 316 812 88 128


ASKÖ-Stadion Graz-Eggenberg, Schloss Str.20, 8020 Graz Adress: Turek Graz Giants Schloß-Straße 20 A - 8020 Graz

JCL Graz Giants
Schloß-Straße 20
A - 8020 Graz

++43 664 1231067


++43 316 812 88 128


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Games of JCL Graz Giants
EFL25.05.1315:00hBerlin Adler vs. JCL Graz Giants35:31(0:14/9:7/0:7/26:3)
EFL14.04.1315:00hJCL Graz Giants vs. Prague Black Panthers27:21(7:0/14:14/6:7/0:0)
EFL26.05.1215:00hJCL Graz Giants vs. Calanda Broncos14:19(7:2/0:7/0:3/7:7)

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