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Klek Knights
(c) Klek Knights

Klek Knights

Country: Serbia

Founded: 2005

Homepage of the Klek Knights

Klek Knights have been founded in 2005 in Klek, the village that is renown by its sportsmen. Altough being just a small village in Vojvodina it is a birthplace of a couple of Serbia's most prolific olympians: basketball player Dejan Bodiroga and volleyball players Vladimir and Nikola Grbic.
Klek Knights have been successful right from their foundation, and had finished their second season being first in NLS (National eague of Serbia), the success that they had repeated in 2007. They had played NLS playoffs in 2008. The Klek Knights club has a rooster of 70 senior, 40 junior and 20 flag football players, of which a couple are standard national team players. This club is only one in Serbia to have their own stadium (two of them, actually). One of them even has floodlights. Integrated in this complex is the National Team's Headquarters.
Head-coach of the Klek Knights is Djajic Veljko who leads theam, alongside with Sporin Lazar and Frenc Aleksandar.


Klek Knights




PR Releases Klek Knights
01.06.2010Knights for the semi-finals of the Challenge Cup
18.05.2009Klek lost first international homegame against Györ

Games of Klek Knights
CC17.07.10--Istanbul Cavaliers vs. Klek Knights14:36(0:0/0:14/6:8/8:14)
CC26.06.10--Budapest Cowboys vs. Klek Knights25:28(3:6/14:0/0:14/8:8)
CC29.05.1014:00hKlek Knights vs. Györ Sharks39:26(6:6/13:8/8:6/12:6)
CC08.05.1018:00hIstanbul Tigers vs. Klek Knights27:36(0:0/21:13/6:15/0:8)
CC27.06.0920:00hReggio Emilia Hogs vs. Klek Knights42:28(14:0/7:6/14:14/7:8)
CC30.05.0913:00hPomorze Seahawks vs. Klek Knights12:42(0:14/0:14/6:6/6:8)
CC17.05.0914:00hKlek Knights vs. Györ Sharks24:40(12:0/6:20/6:14/0:6)
CC26.04.0915:00hVrbas Hunters vs. Klek Knights6:35(0:6/6:6/0:8/0:15)

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