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24.03.2002 Argonautes Aix-en-Provence

Argonautes start with win

Hard hit by the defense
(c) Madrid Osos
Hard hit by the defense
(c)Madrid Osos

The game start with Zaragossa in offense, after a good 60 yards drive the Argos defense stop the Lions on a fourth down. On the first play of the Argos Offense B. MELLAK caught a 70y pass from K. SUHL for the 1st TD of the day, PAT is good from L. TARLET.
After another good drive frm the Lions stopped by the Argos defense, aix en provence advance to the Lions 4 y line & score on a 5 y run by R. ROUSSET, PAT good by TARLET (14-0).To finish the 1st quarter the Argos scored on a 5 Y pass from Suhl to Granier.pat no good (20-0). The 2nd quarter is all Argos :1 more TD by the offense : a 1y run by BROSSEAU , pat good, its the local special team who led the team: GARDENT blocked a punt & scored after getting the ball,pat good (34-0 ) HALFTIME.

THe second half start with a good drive from the Argos & its ABDALLAH who finish the job with a 20y TD run pat good (41-0) .Finally the Lions sees a little of light with a good trick play who surprises the Argos defense:an halfback pass complete by Pavel ORTEGA for a 25 y TD pat good.(41-7)The Argos scored again on the offense with a run by ABDALLAH on the 24 y run,2pts transfo good.(48-8). The Lions scored again on a good run by Alberto GONZALES pat no good.(48--14).

On the 4th quarter both team let the time roll off but the 3rd QB from Aix threw 2 TDs to GRANIER & BEN MIMOUN to put the score up to 62-14 for the ARgos & finally the Lions Score the last point of the game with a good catch from ORTEGA again 2 pts convertion is good final score 62 - 22

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