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25.04.2012 Sollerod Gold Diggers

Easy win secures second consecutive EFAF Cup semi-final for the Gold Diggers

After winning comfortably in Prague two weeks ago, the Gold Diggers needed just one more win, against the Giants of Wroclaw, to secure a place in the semi-finals of the 2012 EFAF Cup. One week earlier the Giants had lost a close game to the Black Hawks, hence the Danes entered the game as favourites, but they had never imagined that a win would come as easily as it did.

The Gold Diggers offence took the field first, after the Wroclaw Giants deferred the option to receive to the second half. The first play of the game was an incomplete pass, but the offence shook it off and drove the ball down the field on an 11 play drive that was capped of by a 2 yard TD run by RB Daniel Pedersen. This drive was the beginning of an offensive eruption that lasted throughout the first half.
The defence was extremely stout in the first half, forcing numerous three and outs along with forcing four turnovers, one on downs and three interceptions. The first INT, by LB Kasper Dyhr Øelund, set up a two play TD drive that finished with two yard pass from QB Alexander Cimadon to WR Søren Bakbøl, the EP was missed. The TD made the score 20-0, as Cimadon had rushed for a TD on the previous drive.

Following another defensive stop, the SGD offence scored again. This time a six play drive, featuring a play where Bakbøl caught a bubble screen and wriggled his way out of two tackles before being taken down after a 38 yard gain, culminated in another score, when Daniel Pedersen scored his second TD of the game on a 13 yard run.
On the very next play from scrimmage, CB Rasmus Graucob made an incredible interception, when he jumped over a pile of players and caught a tipped ball 20 centimetres above the ground. This play set up another TD, when RB/WR Alexander Simonsen ran the ball in from six yards. Following a successful EP the score was 34-0.

The Giants offence, led by former Hvidovre Stars QB Stan Bedwell, got going in the second quarter. Bedwell drove his team down the field, but the drive stopped suddenly when S Morten Hejndorf aka Speedy intercepted a third down pass. Speedy stiff-armed his way out of a tackle before returning the ball 70 yards for TD.

On the ensuing drive, Bedwell once again drove his team down the field. But this time the Giants managed to put some point on the board, when Bedwell found WR #25 in the back of the endzone. The score was 41-7 at that point.

Just as the Giants got a glimmer of hope, the Gold Diggers offence put another nail in the coffin. On the second play of the drive Cimadon hit a double covered Alexander Simonsen down the seam, the Wroclaw defenders couldn’t bring him down and he walked into the endzone for a 45 yard TD. The half time score was 48-7 and the Gold Diggers was on their way to a comfortable win.
The second half turned into a battle for field position and never reached the level of offensive explosion of the first half. The Gold Diggers did put another 10 points on the board on a TD by WR Jonas Bo Hansen and a field goal 37 yard FG by K/WR Peter Fromberg.

The defence continued its stout play throughout the game snatching another two picks, one by Mikkel Lindsø and one by Rasmus Graucob, along with a fumble recovery by Morten Hejndorf and sacks by Robert Shapel, Stephan Nickelsen and Victor Greve.

Graucobs second INT of the day was the last play of the game, and the Gold Diggers could celebrate making a second consecutive trip to the EFAF Cup semi-finals. After the lopsided win I caught up with LB Mikkel Vangsgaard, who told me that the game had been a lot tougher than the score told, as the large physique of the Polish team had posted a challenge for undersized athletes on the Gold Diggers D. The game ball was awarded to QB Alexander Cimadon following a four TD performance, 3 passing and one rushing.
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