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20.06.2012 Sollerod Gold Diggers

The Gold Diggers win EFAF Semi thriller:

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon the Søllerød Gold Diggers and Amiens Spartiates took the field north of Copenhagen. The game ended up matching the weather perfectly, as the two teams delivered a true nail biter of a game with numerous lead changes and an overtime finish. In the end the home team could celebrate with the approximately 500 home fans.

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Amiens won the toss and received the first half kick-off and the visiting team came blazing out of the gate. WR #81 Anthony Couvin, who was one of the big performers of the game, returned the kick to the Gold Diggers 25 yard line breaking a host of tackles in the process. Just two plays later QB #12 Paul Durand found an open receiver in the end-zone for a TD, the EP was missed.

On the ensuing drive the Danes answered right back by methodically moving the ball down the field before QB #12 Alexander Cimadon ran the ball in from three yards out. The EP was good giving the Gold Diggers a 7-6 lead. But the scoring frenzy of the 1. Quarter was far from over. On the very next drive Couvin took a short pass 50 yards two the end-zone and after a successful two-point conversion the Spartiates led 14-7. After a good return by WR #21 Søren Bakbøl the home team started at midfield, but a short run and a sack on the two first downs put the TEAM in a hole on third down, but once again Bakbøl showed his magic. He caught the pass right on the first down marker got hit in mid air, but managed to regain his balance before sprinting away from the defence for a 55 yard score, EP was good and the score was 14-14.

In the second quarter the Danish defence got a handle on the French offence and managed to keep them from scoring. In the meantime the home team offence took advantage of the stout defence and took the a 14 point lead on consecutive TD’s by RB #1 Alexander Simonsen. Both TD’s came on screen plays where the o-line moved everybody out of the way so Simonsen could run the ball in. The score was 28-14 at half-time.

In the second half the tables turned completely, as the visiting team kept the Danish offence from scoring while their offence equalled the score. The French TD’s were both big plays. The first was a 45 yard scramble by QB Paul Durand and the second was a long pass from Durand to Couvin, hence in the beginning of the 4th quarter the score was all tied at 28.

With the Gold Diggers O moving the ball but not scoring, the team got on the board on a big play by the special teams. Amiens’ returner picked the ball up on his own 1 yard line, but got hit immediately by CB #26 Kristian Warthoe, the ball was fumbled into the end-zone where S Morten Hejndorf recovered it for a TD. After a successful EP the Gold Diggers regained the lead 35-28.

Following this score the French drove the ball methodically down the field, but was stalled near the end-zone. This led to a 4th down and twelve on the Gold Digger 15 yard line with under one minute remaining. But Durand remained composed and found squeezed the ball into a receiver in the back of the end-zone, after the EP the score was tied at 35. The Gold Digger managed to get into field goal range as the time ran out, but K #5 Peter Frombergs 50 yard field goal fell just short. The thriller goes to overtime.

Amiens gets the ball first in OT and moves the ball down to the 8 yard line, after two incomplete passes on 1st and 2nd down Durand finds a receiver in the end-zone on third down while taking a big hit in the pocket. But the French kicker misses the EP, thus opening a door for the Gold Diggers.

On the Gold Diggers OT possession they only need two plays, the first is a short run by Simonsen and the second is a 20 yard pass from Cimadon to Bakbøl for a TD. You could hear a pin drop on the stadium on the EP, but Fromberg was cool as usual and secures the Gold Diggers first ever European final bid by splitting the uprights. The final score was 42-41, QB #12 Alexander Cimadon was awarded the game ball.
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