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28.03.2002 Ancona Dolphins

Ancona beats Raiders 28:20

ANCONA _ The game has been played in a bad weather conditions, wind a temperature close to 0.

(c) Ancona Dolphins
(c)Ancona Dolphins

After a first drive with a 3 and out, it’s the Dolphins defensive back Leonardi to intercept Raiders qb.

The Dolphins offense start to put points on the scoreboard after a long drive, abt 70 yds, with a qb keep in a n option by the quarterback Adam Bladsoe (10 yds). Ep out because the wind. 6-0.

On the kick off return the Italian special team provoke a fumble recovered by the kicker Morichi. In the following drive, 2nd quarter, after couple run by Kyle Mc Intosh and the fullback Robert Ladson, Bladsoe complete a td pass in a post corner to the wr Capodaglio (10 yds). EP by Morichi is good and it’s 13-0.

But the Raiders don’t give up and, also helped by 35 yds of penalty by Dolphins defense, they scored in a sweep. EP no good because the wind 13-6.

Second half start with the second td by the Riders in a pass (do not know name of the players). 13-13. In the following KOR it’s the Canadian safety Andy Antoine to return in Td after 75 yds. EP Morichi good. 20-13. Many penalties in this spot especially by Dolphins defense and Innsbruck tied again with a run by the American running back (#27). 20-20. In the following drive it’s Mc Intosh to sign the game running a counter in Td (45 yds). Thje EP it’s a qb sneak by Bladsoe that walk in the end zone behind the offensive line.

Until the end both defenses contain the offenses. Another pick by Leonardi close the game.

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