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D`Amiens Spartiates
(c) D`Amiens Spartiates


08.04.2013 D`Amiens Spartiates

A clear victory for the Schwabish Hall Unicorns


For this opening game of the 2013 Eurobowl, German Champions made a very good impression by easily beating the Spartans of Amiens, France Champions and semi-finalists of the EFAF Cup 2012, and have made a big step towards the quarter-finals with a final score of 13 – 55.
In the 1st QT the Unicorns dominates this game with a solid defense and force the Spartiates to punt. With an effective attack, the visitors opened the score with a 2 yds run TD by RB#10 after a 25 yds reception by WR#6. SPA-SHU : 00-07. On the next serie, the Spartiates has to punt once again but the Germans blocks it. On the next play, Unicorns QB get intercepted by Spartiates American LB Jesse KIRSTATTER. Despite that the SHU defense is sealed and get the ball back on the Spartiates 45 yds line. The Unicorns takes advantage of this opportunity to widen the gap on a 48 yds TD pass by WR#6, alone in the middle of the defense. 00-14. The Spartiates responded by getting two consecutive 1st down but on a 3rd and long, the pass from QB#3 Zachary WALLS has been dropped by his WR while the 1st down would have been obtained. On the next play, the snap goes over the punter and SHU defense recovered it for the 3rd TD of the game. 00-21.
In the 2nd QT the Spartans will continue to commit turnovers, this time it is SHU DB#29 who intercepts the ball and put his team inside the 30 yds line. But the french defense forces and recovers 2 fumbles on SHU QB, but unfortunately the referees judged differently (inadvertent whistle and facemask). Two plays later, SHU WR#18 scores a 10 yds screen pass TD. 00-28. The next offensive serie of the Spartans is well build and ends with a 48 yds pass TD by WR#87 Jeremy POIDEVIN. 07-28. At the end of the quarter, the Germans score two more TD (1 PAT missed). SPA-SHU : 07-41.
The second half begins like the first one with a perfect offensive serie, mixed with runs and passes by the Unicorns, which is concluded by RB#10 with a 2 yds TD run. SPA-SHU : 07-48. Then the Spartiates offense is intercepted but they have the ball back after a FG blocked by their defense. But once again the offense squad is not productive. In a 4th and 20 to go, Amiens punter fakes the punt and runs for 30 yds to get the 1st down but he fumbles the ball…SHU backup QB#5 will find a huge hole in the middle of the Spartiates defense on a read play and scores a 20 yds TD run. 07-55.
In the final quarter the French defending Champions will not give up and WR#5 Mathieu LAPIOS scores a 65 yds “slalom” TD pass (PAT missed).13-55. The Spartiates has another chance to put points on the board but after a good drive by the air, Spartiates QB Zachary WALLS is intercepted another time because of a pass that bounced on his WR#87 helmet and find a SHU DB.
FINAL SCORE : Spartiates 13 – Unicorns 55.
Both team will play again against each other for the second group game of Eurobowl 2013 on Saturday, April the 27th in Schwabish Hall, Germany. The winner of this group will meet the Calanda BRONCOS, EFL defending Champions, for the ¼ final in Switzerland.
Division 1
Amiens Spartiates130706Stats File
Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns552120140

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