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27.04.2013 Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns

Qualified for the quarter-finals

Unicorns win the second game against Amiens 52-12

Some Kind of Tackle
(c) Unicorns / Dieter Hess
Some Kind of Tackle
(c)Unicorns / Dieter Hess

Axel Streich

Again the Schwaebisch Hall Unicorns had no problems with the Amiens Spartiates. On Saturday they won the second game against the french champions 52-12.

750 fans came to Hagenbachstadium at Schwaebisch Hall, ignoring rain and cold wind. They wanted to see the first Unicorns home performance after their second German Bowl win in October 2012.

It took the Unicorns almost the entire first quarter to find into the game against the french champions. After they took the lead through a 5-yard run by Waldemar Schander (PAT Maximilian Leutert) a great pass from Zachary Walls to Jesse Kirstatter brought the 7-6.

Then the Unicorns dominated. First Ryan Taggart served Felix Brenner over 25 yards for 14-6 (PAT Leutert). Then Thomas Hambalek caught three touchdown passes from Taggart in a row and screwed the result before half time to 35-6 (all PAT Leutert).

Now it was clear who would reach the Euro Bowl quarterfinals. After another touchdown by Felix Brenner (PAT Leutert) head coach Siegfried Gehrke brought his backups. In this phase Max Leutert kicked 45 yard field goal for 45-6.

The french, who had traveled with only 22 players to Schwaebisch Hall, never gave up. They scored their second touchdown by a 9 yard pass from Zachary Walls to Mathieu Lapios. However, the last word had the Unicorns and especially Timothy Goth. With two long runs he prepared his third run over 12 yards into the end zone from Amiens for the final score of 52-12 (PAT Leutert).

Quarter results: 14:6 / 21:0 / 10:0 / 7:6 / Final: 52:12

All points:
7:0 - Waldemar Schander - 5-yard run (PAT Maximilian Leutert)
7:6 - Jesse Kirstatter - 45-yard pass from Zachary Walls
14:6 - Felix Brenner - 25-yard pass from Ryan Taggart (PAT Maximilian Leutert)
21:6 - Thomas Hambalek - 7-yard pass from Ryan Taggart (PAT Maximilian Leutert)
28:6 - Thomas Hambalek - 7-yard pass from Ryan Taggart (PAT Maximilian Leutert)
35:6 - Thomas Hambalek - 54-yard pass from Ryan Taggart (PAT Maximilian Leutert)
42:6 - Felix Brenner - 39-yard pass from Ryan Taggart (PAT Maximilian Leutert)
45:6 - Maximilian Leutert - 45-yard field goal
45:12 - Mathieu Lapios - 9-yard pass from Zachary Walls
52:12 - Timothy Goth - 12-yard run (PAT Maximilian Leutert)
Division 1
Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns521421107
Amiens Spartiates126006

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