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Helsinki Roosters
(c) Helsinki Roosters


05.05.2013 Helsinki Roosters

Roosters defeated Wolverines

In the Helsinki football rivalry game Roosters defeated Wolverines and secured the first place of the EFL B-group with final score 29-22. Roosters defense gave critical extra downs to their own offense with four turnovers Ė three interceptions and one forced and recovered fumble.

Wolverine tackles Bronco
(c) EFAF
Wolverine tackles Bronco

Wolverines defense made also good job on the field by cutting down Roosters total yards to 280. Wolverines offense gained more yards (Wolverines 395yards, Roosters 280 yards ) but Roosters offense scored more often.

Roosters scoring begun by running back Alexander Kuronen who rushed five yards for a touchdown (7-0). Kuronen continued his strong performance after interception of free safety Sampo Ranta. After Kuronenís 43 yards run and three Robert Johnsonís incomplete passes Ilkka Laitinen kicked 17 yards field goal (10-0).

Wolverines responded with effective rushing downs of RB Stephen Stokes and touchdown by QB Cedric Johnson (10-6). Roosters WR Markus Lievonen, son of Eurobowl II winner Kimmo Livonen, made mentally important receiving touchdown at the last second of the first half. (17-6).

Cedric Johnson rushed his second touchdown and passed two points PAT (17-14). Cedricís big brother Robert finalized next drive with 10yards rushing touchdown (23-14).

Roosters CB Ville Roitto intercepted Cedric Johnsonís pass but Roosters offense was stopped and field goal kick was blocked by Wolverines. Roosters defense responded with CB Pekka Rantalaís interception. Backup QB Eino Matikainen did excellent job with his very first down in Roosters game and scored rushing touchdown for Roosters (29-14). Woverines got closer with Jeremy Henderssonís 49 yarder receiving TD but Roosters recovered Wolverinesís on-side kick and run out the game clock by taking knee.

Swarco Raiders will host Helsinki Roosters in EFL quarterfinals in Innsbruck on Saturday 25th of May.

Game statistics:


Spectators app 500
Division 2
Helsinki Roosters2910766Text Stats
Helsinki Wolverines220688

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