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08.04.2002 Ancona Dolphins

Ancona wins second game against Prague

(c) Ancona Dolphins
(c)Ancona Dolphins

Quarters: 0 – 0, 14 – 0, 7 – 7, 0 – 7

Winning today, the Dolphins are still in first position in their group in Eurobowl tournament XVI with a record from 2 wins and no losses. Last week Dolphins got a shoutout by Bergamo Lions (Euro and Italian Champions) of 31 – 0 in the Italian Championship and today they went on the field just to win. They had to show themselves first and to the fans after that, what happened last week against Lions, it was an episode due to a bad day by all the team.
Dolphins didn’t know anything about Phanters. They never played before in 2002 and they didn’t play Eurobowl in 2001, however Panthers look like a very good team with strong players and good athlets. The Dolphins show immediately their wish to win, but Panthers came to Ancona to play hard, and during all 1st quarter both defenses were working sucessfully on the offenses; till the last minutes of the quarter, when Bonomo intercepted Horton and gave back the ball to the Dolphins. Bledsoe does a bad pass and Panthers’ safety Vondracek intercepts and he runs to return, but Dolphins’ receiver Capodaglio made a great tackle : fumble recovered by Dolphins. It was a signal for Bledsoe an his offense.
2nd quarter starts and Dolphins have a very good drive, they went over the field with 4 passes and some carries, McIntosh gets the right hole close to the endzone and the score goes on 6 – 0, p.a.t. is good : 7 – 0 . Panthers’ offense have to make a punt and due to a bad snap, they cannot kick the ball, Dolphins offense get the ball on Panthers’ 30 yards and it’s easy for them to find good combination to score again : 14 – 0. The quarter ends when Panthers are close to the Dolphins’ end zone, but they could not score.
In the beginning of the 3rd quarter Dolphins have the ball and with 4 passes they cover 70 yards and score again : 21 – 0. Panthers are a good Team and they did not want to get a shoutout. Their offense starts to gain with nice combination of rush and pass. During 4th quarter they score twice, and Dolphins misses two field goals, the final score is 21 –14.
Dolphins show a good and solid defense, they have to work on their offense, because sometimes they make great things, but other times they make stupid mistakes. Today Bledsoe made some mistakes throwing the ball and he could put other two T.D. on the score. Panthers were playing their first game of the season. They have a very good defense and an offense that needs time to adjust the feeling, but they can do much better.

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