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Bergamo Lions
(c) Bergamo Lions


16.04.2002 Bergamo Lions

Bergamo reachs Quarterfinal

LIONS 26/ 0/ 6/21 -53

OSOS 0/ 0/ 0/ 0 - 0

Got him in the last moment
(c) Bergamo Lions
Got him in the last moment
(c)Bergamo Lions

In a game that was played underneath a pouring rain, the Bergamo Lions defeated the Madrid Osos 53 - 0. Despite the in climate conditions, the Italian team displayed their strength throughout the contest.
The Lions scored 4 TD's in 1st quarter, with a total 8 TD's for the game, including 3 TD's by the defense.

Scott Lockwood was the first to enter the Osos' end zone rushing for a 2 yard TD that finished off an amazing offensive drive, lead by a 41 yard run by Charles Tharp. Tharp, from Western Illinois played his 1st game as a Lion and had 153 yards rushing on the day. Because of the weather conditions, there were no PAT's completed in the 1st quarter.

Cornerback #25, Carlo Pilenga was the second Lions player to enter the Osos' end zone, returning a 14 yard fumble for a TD. The extra point conversion was unsuccessful. On the next Lions offensive drive, Bucciol threw a 23 yard pass to Verzeri, making the score 18 - 0. The 2 point conversion was unsuccessful.

The defense was ready once again with # 19, Marco Nessi intercepting a pass and returning it 56 yards for the touchdown. A successful 2 point conversion by Bucciol to Piero Rocchetti, and the score was 26- 0.
To start the 2nd half the Lions began to substitute players in all positions. Tharp, the Lions new jewel ball carrier, scored on a 3 yard run. With a failed PAT the score was 32 - 0.

The 4th quarter saw some sunlight, and fullback Christian Longhi rumbling 8 yards into the end zone. La Fata was good on the PAT to make the score 39 - 0.

The defense was not quite finished. DL Matteo Dotti and LB Francesco Pace met at the quarterback. The result was a fumble which Dotti scooped up and galloped 65 yards for the touchdown. Another 6 points for probably the highest scoring defense in Europe. La Fata was good on the PAT for a score of 46 - 0.

To the delight of the soaked, devoted Lions fans of Osio Sotto, Tharp, had one more TD of 30 yards to top off the day. In a game that had 3 touchdown called back on penalties, the offence still had 265 yards of total offence, 157 on the ground. Bucciol completed 6 0f 8 passes for for 108 yards passing. It was Coach "Tee's" Defense that stole the show, limiting the Madrid Osos to just 54 yards of total offence with only 1 completed pass in 11 attempts.

The next Erobowl game will be against the Argonauts of Aix-En-Provence at Osio Sotto, on Sun May 26th.


Bergamo Lions - Madrid Osos Rivas
Bergamo (I) - April, 13th 2002

1st 2nd 3rd 4th TOTAL
LIONS 26 0 6 21 53
OSOS 0 0 0 0 0


First Quarter
LIONS - #4 Lockwood 2 run (#21 Verzeri pass no good)
LIONS - #25 Pilenga 23 fumble return (#7 Bucciol pass no good)
LIONS - #21 Verzeri 23 pass from #7 Bucciol (#7 Bucciol pass no good)
LIONS - #19 Nessi 56 Int. return (#45 Rocchetti pass from #7 Bucciol)

Second Quarter

Third Quarter
LIONS - #22 Tharp 3 run (#92 La Fata run no good)

Fourth Quarter
LIONS - #35 Longhi 8 run (#92 La Fata kick good)
LIONS - #67 Dotti 65 fumble return (#92 La Fata kick good)
LIONS - #22 Tharp 30 run (#92 La Fata kick good)


First downs 13
Rushed-yards 157
Passing yards 108
Sacked 0
Passes (Comp-Att-Int) 6-8-0
Punts 1-34
Fumbles-lost 1-0
Penalties-yards 9-74

First downs 10
Rushed-yards 40
Passing yards 14
Sacked 5
Passes (Comp-Att-Int) 1-11-2
Punts 5-133
Fumbles-lost 5-158
Penalties-yards 6-46


LIONS - Lockwood 3-9, Tharp 14-153, Longhi 3-12, Pazak 1-23(minus)
OSOS - Velasco Ramirez 3-21(minus), Pena Santos 5-20, Hernandez 1-6(minus), Gutierrez Vivas 6-7, Alzola Munoz 9-35(minus), Prieto Via 17-75

LIONS - Bucciol 8-6-0-108
OSOS - Alzola Munos 9-1-2-14, Pena Santos 1-0-0-0, Velasco Ramirez 1-0-0-0

LIONS - Pazak 2-17, Verzeri 1-23, Tharp 1-5, Soresini 1-39, Sangenette 1-24
OSOS - Prieto Via 3-14

LIONS - Nessi 1-56, Sangenette 1-23
OSOS - None

LIONS - Bucciol 1-34
OSOS - Rodriguez Lozano 5-133

LIONS - Sangenette 1-32
OSOS - None

LIONS - None
OSOS - Prieto Via 5-113, ORdaz Castillo 3-56, Iordanov 1-20

LIONS - Bellora 1.5, Rossi 1, Rimlawi 1, Castellano 1, Hopewell 0.5
OSOS - None

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