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EFL Bowl: Dramatic End with a points festival
EUROBOWL XXXII: Excitement in the high-class finale -
EFL Bowl, 9th of June: Milano Seamen against the Potsdam Royals
EUROBOWL XXXII - Battle of the European heavyweights
Two German clubs are fighting for Europe's football crown:
EUROBOWL XXXII with FanZone -Opening three hours before kick off
EFL Bowl V will take place in Milan

Moscow Patriots
(c) Moscow Patriots


23.04.2002 Moscow Patriots

Moscow Patriots versus Donetsk: Nothing for weak nerves!

Ready for Kickoff
(c) AFVD

Moscow Patriots - Donetsk Scythians

So, the game was very interesting. First of all, all Patriots players
remembered the result of previous weekend game. It was a tie game and a tie
score 21:21.
As the previous game, that was also very tie. Both teams were equally good.
Moscow scored on the first quarter. It was a safety. Donetsk tried to play
Punt, but the snap was bad and the ball went out from the field. Officials
got a safety signal and the first two points appeared on the scoreboard. Then the game returned to it's usual (for that game) manner. Until Moscow got a chance to score. Dmitri Sergeev made a couple steps backward and then made a great throw. His target was Alexander Khokhlov. He catched that pass inside Donetsk end-zone. So, after the extra-point the score was 9-0. The same dominance was up to the end of the first half.
In the beginning of the second half Moscow got some chances but failed to
score. Donetsk defense made some great plays. Patriots QB was sacked twice.
In the end of the third quarter the score was the same - 9:0
The fourth quartet was completely under Donetsk control. Somehow Moscow team relaxed and let guests to release some good plays. Defense played good and only with their help Donetsk could got first points. It was a safety. Mikhail Gerasimov was tackled in his endzone. In the end of the game it was a couple of penalties on Moscow team. As a result Donetsk got a chance and used it. First - the TD and then 2-point conversion. Moscow still had a chance but Ivan Stelmach missed a field goal from the 35 yard line.
The final score is 9:10. Donetsk won.

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