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09.05.2002 EFAF

EUROBOWL Quarterfinals 2002: 8 Clubs qualified

Ready for Kickoff
(c) AFVD

The last game in qualification round is not played yet,
but the participating teams for the quarterfinals are
already fixed. All favorits did make it to the best
8 clubs in Europe.

QF 1: Tyresö vs. Seinäjoki
QF 2: Braunschweig vs. Donetsk
QF 3: Bergamo vs. Aix en Provence
QF 4: Vienna vs. Ancona

There is the old traditional game between the two
champions of the strongest scandinavian rivals
Finland and Sweden. Bergamo is facing Aix, already
a traditional competition. Ancona did make it the
first time to the quarterfinals this year and is
playing against last years vice-champion Vienna.
Braunschweig is the first western european club
playing in Ukraine against Donetsk Scythians, the
Top Team from eastern Europe.

The winner of QF1 and QF 2 are playing against
each other as well as the winner of QF 3 and QF 4.

More informations you can find on this website under
Schedules and Quarterfinals.

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