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EFL Bowl: Dramatic End with a points festival


12.05.2002 Tyrolean Raiders

Offenses dominated the game scoring close to 100 points

(c) Ancona Dolphins
(c)Ancona Dolphins

Papa Joe's Tyrolean Raiders vs. Ancona Dolphins
40:56 (7:7; 7:13; 14:27; 12:9)
Saturday, 11.05.02, Tivoli W1, Innsbruck
1.000 spectators

Papa Joe's Tyrolean Raiders loose their last Eurobowl game close

The 1.000 spectators in Innsbruck saw a tough battle on high
level and almost 100 points of scores. The Game MVP went
to Ancona RB Kyle McIntosh with 307 rushing yards and 4 TDs.

The game started well for the Papa Joe's Tyrolean Raiders,
when QB Erik Nagore scored on a 1 yard run (Schnellrieder kick).
The Dolphins in return though scored twice with TD passes to
WR Piva and Dunson, taking a 14:7 lead. The Raiders fought back
when RB Wade Smith ran a 78 yd TD (Schnellrieder kick). Seconds
before halftime Ancona WR Piva caught a 17 yd pass for the
20:14 halfttime lead.

In the first 5 minutes of the second half the Raiders gave the
game to Ancona, letting them score three times unanswered.
First it was a TD pass to Piva, then RB McIntosh scored twice
on runs 40:14. The Raiders did not give up though, came back
with TD passes to WR Florian Grein and Benjamin Dieplinger
(both Schnellrieder kicks were good) - 28:40. Shortly before
the 4th quarter RB McIntosh showed his speed and scored twice
in a row again - 53:28.

A Raiders TD pass to TE Oscar Perez (Schnellrieder kick) cut
down the point difference to 34:53, but a 41 yard FG from
Ancona made it 56:34. With three minutes to play, Raiders
RB Wade Smith scored his second TD - 40:56, the Raiders
defense forced Ancona to punt but they recovered the punt and
then time ran out for the Raiders.


Ancona RB Kyle McIntosh 24 for 307 yards, 4 touchdowns
Raiders RB Wade Smith 13 for 121 yards, 1 touchdown

Raiders Receiver Benjamin Dieplinger 10 for 138 yards, 1 touchdown
Ancona Receiver Marco Piva 4 for 121 yards, 3 touchdowns

Ancona QB Adam Bledsoe: 8 of 15 for 182 yards, 4 touchdowns
Raiders QB Erik Nagore: 20 of 39 for 258 yards, 4 touchdowns,
2 Interceptions

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