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27.05.2002 Donetsk Scythians

Braunschweig with a win back from Ukraine

#2 RB Matt Riazzi on his way
(c) Braunschweig Lions
#2 RB Matt Riazzi on his way
(c)Braunschweig Lions

First Game of a Club Team from Western Europe in Ukraine!

"Donetsk Scythians-DonNTU" - "Braunschweig Lions"
25 May, 2002, Ukraine,
Kiev, Stadium "NAU"
Kickoff: 2.30pm,
750 spectators,

After "Scythians" big loss in Germany a week ago the team
from Donestk wanted to try to win. But already the first
halftime showed, that the "Lions" were well prepared and
ready for this game; this time even better than the
previous game.

First quarter the team in red made 19 points more and it
was clear already who will be the winner of this game.

But several seconds before the brake Dmitry Hubar (# 88)
made the Touchdown for Donetsk after a beautiful pass from
the quarterback, which Hubar could catch and run into the
endzone of the german team. Kicker Mykola Shaposhnyk could
complete the extra-point.
The score after the first halftime was 7:39.

After the break "Lions" showed a great powerfull football
by passing and running the ball. Especially Matt Riazzi
showed like in the first game his talent on different
popsitions in offense and special teams. On ukrainian team
Hubar earned some honours.
The final score was 07:70.

Best players:
"Lions": - Matt Riazzi,
- Nico Skoczylas,
- David Drane.

"Scythians": - Dmitry Hubar.

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